Frequently Asked Questions

1.          What are the benefits of being a One Hyundai Family member?

As OHF member, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • FREE 24/7 Roadside Assistance thru hotline numbers: (02) 877-4977 or (0917) 8774977
  • 10% discount on Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) Labor, PMS Parts and Selected Accessories
  • Premium reward items from the Hyundai Brand Collection and Lifestyle Rewards Basket
  • Privilege to qualify for a Hyundai MasterCard (subject to bank approval) 
  • Discounts and freebies from Hyundai partner merchants 
  • Convenient access to your OHF Personal Online Account 
  • Invitation to Special Hyundai must-see events


2.          When will I receive my OHF card?

To get the OHF digital ID, you need to download and install the Hyundai Mobile app on your smartphone and register with your email address. After confirming your email address, click the “add” account button and enter your Loyalty Card Number (LCN) and password.  Once registered, a digital ID card will be provided to you. 


3.          Do I need my OHF card to avail of the benefits of being an OHF member?

As a member of OHF, you can enjoy all the benefits even before the issuance of the card. Just provide your Loyalty Card Number (LCN) or present your temporary card that came along with the OHF application form to avail of your benefits. Please be reminded that temporary card is valid only for three months (3) months from the date of issuance. It is very important to download the Hyundai Mobile app for you to enjoy the benefits of being a member.


4.          How do I earn points?

Loyalty points may be earned through the following:

a)      Purchase of a brand-new Hyundai vehicle from any authorized dealership of Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc.  [HARI];

b)      Availment of Preventive Maintenance Services [PMS] at HARI-authorized dealers/service centers;

c)      Purchase of Hyundai Genuine Parts [except miscellaneous items such as lubricants, fluids, etc., accessories] from HARI-authorized dealers; and

d)     Accomplishing and submitting customer satisfaction and related surveys [such as, but not limited to Sales Satisfaction Index Surveys and/or Customer Service Index Surveys].


5.          How do I check my available points?

You may view your OHF points online by following these steps:

a)      Visit, click on “Login”.

b)      Enter your email address or Facebook account.

c)      Once logged-in, your available points will be automatically displayed.


6.          How can I access my online account if I forgot my password?

To reset your password, please follow these steps:


a)      Visit, click on “Login”, and click on “Forgot Your Password”.

b)      Enter your email address. A temporary password will be sent to your email address.

c)      Use the temporary password to gain initial access to your OHF account. For your security and convenience, we recommend that you change your password after logging in for the first time.


7.          Do points have expiration?

Please be informed that loyalty points earned by active members shall only be valid until the expiration of OHF membership (i.e., two years from the date of your OHF registration).


8.          Can I transfer my points to other OHF account?


Points are non-transferable and may not be combined with your other OHF account (i.e., if you have multiple Hyundai vehicles). Furthermore, it has no monetary value and cannot be converted into cash.


9.          How do I renew my membership?


Membership of active OHF members will be automatically renewed for another two years. Active members are OHF members who earn at least 1,500 PMS Labor Loyalty Points in a year of membership.


10.        How do inactive members re-activate their membership?

Inactive members may re-apply for OHF membership by submitting complete application requirements to any authorized Hyundai dealer and paying the corresponding re-application fee. 


11.         How do I apply for Hyundai Mastercard?


To apply for a Hyundai MasterCard, you may visit any of our authorized Hyundai dealerships nationwide and fill-out the application form.  You also need to provide a copy of your valid identification card with your three specimen signatures. Please note that your application will be subject to the approval of EastWest Bank.


12.         What is the status of my Hyundai Mastercard application?


The processing of Hyundai MasterCard applications usually takes three to four weeks upon submission of the requirements. An EastWest Bank representative may get in touch with you regarding your Hyundai MasterCard application. For future Hyundai MasterCard-related inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact EastWest Bank thru telephone number (02) 888-1700.


13.        How do I redeem OHF Rewards items?


  1. Visit, click on “Login”.
  2. Enter your email address or Facebook account and click on “Rewards” icon to choose an item for redemption.
  3. You may choose Hyundai Brand Collection Items or Lifestyle Rewards Basket depending on your preference and your available points.


14.        What is the lead time for processing of the Lifestyle Rewards Item that I redeemed?


The processing of LSRB is within four to five weeks from the date of your redemption. You will receive an email containing the “Authority to Pick-Up” (ATP) form upon availability of the item at your chosen SM branch. Please bring the ATP form, together with your valid ID bearing your photo and signature, when claiming your reward.