Terms and Conditions


Membership to One Hyundai Family (OHF) is open to all registered owners of Hyundai vehicles (the “Hyundai Vehicles”), excluding fleet accounts and company-registered vehicles, purchased from authorized dealers of Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the authorized distributor of Hyundai cars in the Philippines. 

A. How to Become a Member 

To become a member, the applicant must submit the following requirements to an authorized Hyundai dealer:


1. Duly accomplished OHF Application Form; 
2. Photocopy of Vehicle’s Official Receipt (OR) in the name of the applicant; 
3. Photocopy of Certificate of Registration (CR) in the name of the applicant; 
4. Photocopy of Hyundai Vehicle Warranty Card (found inside the Service Passport); and, 
5. Photocopy of the applicant’s valid Driver’s License or any valid Government-issued ID. 

HARI has the sole discretion on the approval / denial of any and all OHF applications.

B. Membership Classification 

i. New Vehicle Owner (NVO): Original Hyundai Vehicle owners who were registered as OHF members on or before six months after the date of vehicle delivery. 
ii. Existing Vehicle Owners (EVO): Original Hyundai Vehicle owners who were registered as OHF members after six months from the date of vehicle delivery, including owners of second hand Hyundai Vehicles. 

C. Membership Validity & Renewal

OHF membership is valid for two (2) years from the date of OHF registration, provided that the member is on “Active” status. 

Membership of active OHF members will be automatically renewed for another two years. Active members are OHF members who earn at least 1,500 PMS Labor Loyalty Points in a year of membership.


D. Membership Cancellation

Membership shall be automatically cancelled and shall be deemed to be on “Inactive” status upon occurrence of any of the following:


(1) Change of vehicle ownership; 
(2) Vehicle trade-in/upgrade with an authorized Hyundai dealership; 
(3) Vehicle is rendered inoperable permanently; 
(4) Death of the OHF member; and, 
(5) OHF member fails to earn at least 1,500 PMS Labor Loyalty Points in a year of membership; 
(6) Expiration of membership; and 
(7) Any circumstance of a similar nature and analogous to those above mentioned.


Inactive members who fail to earn at least 1,500 PMS Labor Loyalty Points in a year or whose membership has already expired may re-apply for OHF membership by submitting complete application requirements to any authorized Hyundai dealer and paying the corresponding re-application fee. The new owners of Hyundai Vehicles referred to in the preceding paragraph may likewise apply for OHF membership by submitting complete application requirements and paying the applicable fees.


In order to have a digitized OHF Membership Card 
a member needs to download and install the Hyundai Mobile app on his/her smartphone and register with his/her email address. After confirming the email address, click the add account button and enter the Loyalty Card Number (LCN) and password.  Once registered, a digital ID card will be provided to the member.


III. Loyalty Points

A. How to Earn Points 

A member can earn points from the following:


1.       Purchase of a brand-new Hyundai vehicle from any authorized dealership of Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI); 

2.       Availment of Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS) at HARI-authorized dealers/service centers; 

3.       Purchase of PMS Parts (i.e., Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Aircon Filter, Air Filter, Spark Plugs, Wiper Blades, Timing Belt, and Timing Belt Tensioner) during scheduled PMS at HARI-authorized dealers/service centers;

4.       Accomplishment and submission of Hyundai-initiated customer satisfaction and related surveys (such as, but not limited to Hyundai Sales Satisfaction Index Surveys and/or Hyundai Customer Service Index Surveys). 

B. How to Use Your Points 

Only Active members may redeem reward items and enjoy other perks/privileges under OHF (i.e., Hyundai Brand Collection, Lifestyle Rewards Basket, OHF Points Conversion, and One Hyundai Family events pass). 

OHF loyalty points earned are non-transferable. 

OHF loyalty points earned by members from multiple OHF accounts with different Loyalty Card Numbers may not be consolidated. 

Points are not convertible to cash or e-cash.

C. How to Check Your Points 

A member may check his available points balance and redeem rewards by presenting his OHF card to any authorized HARI Dealer or visiting his OHF personal online account at www.onehyundai.com.ph. 

Points registered in the OHF system shall be deemed correct and shall be the basis of available points at the time of redemption. HARI reserves the right, even without notice, to correct, amend, and/or delete points erroneously or fraudulently credited to an OHF account.

D. Points Expiration 

Points earned by Active OHF members shall only be valid until the expiration of OHF membership. No points shall be carried over to any subsequent membership renewals 



A. Hyundai Brand Collection (HBC) Items


• Only Active OHF members can redeem Hyundai Brand Collection (Hyundai-branded premium apparel, accessories, model cars, selected gift items) that are exclusively available at authorized Hyundai dealerships. 

• Each item has a point redemption value. Items can be redeemed by Active OHF members using available points, or a combination of points and cash. Items can be redeemed at any authorized Hyundai dealership. 

• The required number of loyalty points for the redemption of any HBC item may be changed even without prior notice. 

B. One Hyundai Family Lifestyle Rewards Basket (LSRB) Items


• Only Active OHC members can redeem items from the Lifestyle Rewards Basket consisting of selected gadgets, appliances, electronics and other items indicated in the OHC website which are supplied by and can be redeemed at selected third-party establishments such as but not limited to SM Appliance Center branches nationwide. The list of items and third-party suppliers may be changed from time-to-time even without prior notice. 

• Each LSRB item has a point redemption value which can only be redeemed using earned points. The “points+cash” option is not available for LSRB items. Items must be redeemed online thru the member’s OHC account. Unless out of stock, items will be available for pick-up / redemption at participating store branch within 3 to 4 weeks from the date of redemption. 

• An Authority to Pick-up (ATP) form will be sent to the member’s email address once the item is ready for pick-up. The validity of the ATP form is one (1) month or 30 days from the date of transmittal. 

• The required number of loyalty points for redemption of any LSRB item may change even without prior notice. 

C. Exclusive invitation to Special Hyundai must-see events


Only Active OHF members may be invited and may participate in OHF events that are held from time to time, subject to event ticket availability. 

D. Free 24/7 Roadside Assistance (RSA)*


Only Active OHF members are entitled to the following: 

1.       Emergency Towing up to a maximum of Php 5,000/event (accident or breakdown). In the event that the Vehicle is immobilized due to accident or breakdown while on the road, the roadside assistance (RSA) provider shall tow the Vehicle to the nearest authorized Hyundai dealer, provided that minor roadside repairs cannot be performed on the vehicle. The member is entitled up to a maximum of three (3) service calls** per year. However, towing service may exceed the maximum service call per year if the event is due to accident. 

2.       Minor Roadside Repairs (e.g., battery boosting, jump start, delivery of gasoline, tire replacement) is up to a maximum repair cost limit of Php 5,000/event (i.e., vehicle is immobilized while on the road) and limited to one service call per day. Member is entitled up to a maximum of three (3) service calls* per year. 

3.       Crane/Rescue Services is up to a maximum crane charge limit of Php 10,000 per event (i.e., vehicle was immobilized due to accident and the Vehicle falls into a ravine, gorge or ditch).

4.       Service Vehicle/Transportation. The Roadside Assistance Provider shall shoulder the cost of providing a service vehicle or transportation up to the amount of Php 2,000/day. 
Hotel Accommodation. The Roadside Assistance Provider shall assist in arranging for the Member’s hotel accommodation and shall reimburse the Member up to the amount of Php 2,000 for the cost of the hotel accommodation. 

5.       Return for the Driver. The Roadside Assistance Provider shall assist in arrangements for the driver to be returned home and shall reimburse the Member up to the amount of Php 2,000 for the cost of transportation.

* The above features are subject to applicable terms and conditions of RSA. 
** “Service Call” refers to a call made to OHF-RSA alarm center wherein a requested RSA service (i.e., towing/minor roadside repairs) was dispatched. 

E. Discount on PMS


Only Active OHF members can enjoy exclusive discounts on Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) Parts and PMS Labor from any authorized Hyundai dealership. 

F. Privilege to Qualify for a Hyundai MasterCard (subject to bank approval)


OHF members can enjoy exclusive deals from Hyundai MasterCard: 

Earn up to 3% rebate on all your retail purchases 

• Earn up to 5% rebate on all your retail purchases 

• Use your Hyundai MasterCard and earn rebates on your retail purchases
• 5% rebate on fuel purchases at any gasoline station nationwide 
• 0.5% rebate on other retail purchases at any merchant worldwide 


I. Year-Round Special Perks & Privileges


• Active members can enjoy year-round special discounts and privileges from partner merchants - from dining, shopping, health and fitness, to travel and leisure. 


Exclusive perks and privileges under the OHF are available only to Active OHF members



1. Failure of HARI to enforce any and all terms and conditions of the guidelines governing membership to One Hyundai Family (OHF) does not constitute a waiver thereof. 

2. HARI reserves the right to appoint agent/s or contractor/s to perform any function/s services in relation with the OHF program. 

3. HARI reserves the right at all times to modify, revise, withdraw, cancel, withhold, substitute, deny access to or use of, or in any way change without prior notice, any of the program mechanics contained in the OHF website such as but not limited to points accumulation, valuation, and expiration, rewards redemption as well as the perks and privileges previously advertised or offered to members at any time. In such event, HARI shall not be liable to any member by reason of such withdrawal, cancellation, variation, and/or change. 

4. It is considered a breach of the herein terms and conditions if a member, in the reasonable opinion of HARI, (i) abuses any perks and privileges, facilities, services, or arrangements accorded to the member; (ii) acts in any matter detrimental to the interest of the Program; (iii) commits misrepresentation or in any way supplies or attempts to supply misleading information to HARI or its Dealers or any Partner Merchants; (iv) performs such other act/s detrimental to HARI or any of its Dealers. 

5. Any breach of the herein terms and conditions, whether intentional or otherwise, may result in termination of membership, forfeiture of issued points, and cancellation of perks and privileges at the sole discretion of HARI. Eligibility for future participation in OHF may likewise be denied by HARI by reason thereof. 

6. HARI reserves the sole right to determine and resolve issues regarding memberships, rules and regulations, and other policies/processes concerning the use and privileges of any member under the One Hyundai Family program. 

7. HARI is not liable for non-availability of the perks and privileges including the reward items, or those that have been withdrawn for any reason whatsoever by HARI, its Partner Merchants, or OHF Service Providers. 

8. Perks and privileges and the reward items may be changed without prior notice and shall be subject to the terms and conditions of Partner Merchants and OHF Service Provider. 

9. A member must present his/her One Hyundai Family digital card to avail of perks and privileges from Partner Merchants. 

10. Unless further required by Partner Merchants or OHF Service Providers, membership application to One Hyundai Family shall be deemed as an application for the availment of the perks and privileges extended by the said Partner Merchants and OHF Service Providers. 

11. HARI, its Officers, and Employees shall not be held liable for damages resulting from the failure of the Dealers, Partner Merchants and/or OHF Service Providers to perform any of their obligations or undertakings under the One Hyundai Family program. 

12. HARI reserves the right to modify, change, amend and/or delete any of the herein mechanics, terms and conditions even without prior notice. 

13. The laws of the Republic of the Philippines shall govern these terms and conditions.